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Save on costs, not quality!

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Top level quality of parts

Production technology and internal quality management systems ensure that MAX Parts are at least comparable quality as OE-parts and are therefore substitute which can also be used in car repairs under warranty!

25 years of practice

Products of MAX Parts brand are result of long-term co-operation with the leading manufacturers of spare parts and accessories and knowledge of the needs of our aftermarket customers looking for the perfect combination between quality , value and the final price.

Delivery within 24 hours

Thanks to a sophisticated logistics system have more than 95% customers in the Czech and Slovak market guaranty that delivery of ordered goods will be carried out within 24 hours!

Briefly about MAX Parts brand

MAX Parts is a new brand of top-quality spare parts and accessories for truck and commercial vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers and buses

meeting in all aspects the same requirements as the OE parts. As those spare parts are mostly assembled

also on the vehicles being many years in operation, the demands on quality and durability of MAX Parts are in this respect much higher.

Quality of those products has been based on all available certification and homologation,

primarily with the particular requirement and experiences of customers.

                                                                   All spare parts of MAX Parts brand are under constant scrutiny of our technical department.


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